Vinyl - April 2020


Clear w/ Black Smoke Vinyl

UMR - 002


1. It's A Long Way Back To Civilization
2. Quasarburn
3. IO & Europa
4. (Ron) Kokomo
5. Hemingway


6. Feelings Blade
7. Oh Nein
8. Re-Entry
9. Trash Truck
10. Landing Gear


Feelings Blade, recorded at Bright Light Studios, is a blistering ten track album featuring the band's first new material since their 2012 debut self-titled EP. The band is comprised of members from RX Bandits/The Sound of Animals Fighting, The Movielife/I Am The Avalanche/Constant Elevation, The Velvet Teen, and No Motiv/The Warriors. The album was produced by Steve Choi, Engineered by Roger Camero, mixed by Steve and Roger, and Mastered by Marcel Fernandez.


Vinyl is cut at 45RPM and is hand-numbered.


Peace'd Out is
Steve Choi - Guitar / Programming / FX
Casey Deitz - Drums
Roger Camero - Bass / Programming
Vinnie Caruana - Vocals / Lyrics


Pressing Information
250 - Clear w/ Black Smoke



Clear w/ Black Smoke Vinyl


RareFutures Brain on LIVE album cover CR

UMR - 001 / CMG 002

1. Not Giving Up Yet (04:55)
2. This Is Your Future (Lost in a Black Hole) (04:28)
3. The Pressure (05:06)
4. Mercury (And Opposite Planets) (04:33)

5. Time (05:30)
6. Worst Thing I've Ever Done (05:59)
7. Up Late (04:10)
8. Ride The Snake (06:13)


This Is Your Brain on LIVE, recorded in-studio at Rancho Recordo, is an eight-track album featuring crushing live renditions from RARE FUTURES' This is Your Brain on Love and Happy Body Slow Brain's Dreams of Water. The collection, engineered, mixed, & mastered by Marc Jacob Hudson and co-released by the band's own Cerebral Music Group and Somerville, MA based Umbrella Man Records, will bring fans of Happy Body Slow Brain into the RARE FUTURES universe.


The live album features

Matt Fazzi on Vocals / Guitar / Keys 

Ari Sadowitz on Guitar / Vocals 

Rich Bozek on Drums / Vocals 

Alex Marans on Bass / Vocals


Pressing Information

250 - Clear Vinyl 
250 - Silver Vinyl


Clear Vinyl

Silver Vinyl

Collector's Bundle


Vinyl - March 2018

UMR - 000 / TL-105

Art Rock is a pretty broad term. Yet, when describing Providence, Rhode Island’s Roz & The Rice Cakes, the term Art Rock is not just appropriate, it’s dead center in terms of what they do and how they do it.

Under the stuttering time-changes, the crescendos and the complex arrangements, at the heart of these songs, there’s a simple pop quality that roots the band at a cross roads where Fleetwood Mac and Henry Cow mingle with Bettie Serveert and Gwen Stefani.

Roz & The Rice Cakes is equal parts experimental and catchy, energetic and bookish, daring and sugarcoated. This new album, Devotion is a sonic leap for the band. Roz Raskin from the band says: “Devotion was very different. We spent months working out the material, through multiple recording sessions at Big Nice Studio in RI with our good friend and engineer, and co-producer Bradford Krieger. This new writing process found us diving into a conceptual framework that explored the connections between humanity and the universe.”

If some of the sounds you hear on Devotion give you a cinematic sci-fi feeling, that’s not by chance. Roz continues: “Sonically we experimented with synthesizers and electronic drums, sounds that reflected a bigger story reminiscent of music that connected with our youth, music we grew up with. I have been a huge fan of sci-fi since I saw “The Thing” at age 5. The aesthetic of the supernatural and unknowns of science fiction and horror definitely have been absorbed in to this album.”

Subject wise, Devotion is a more personal album for the band, while at the same time staying consistent with some of the themes established by the album’s sonic qualities: “The record covers a wide range of subject matter in the human cosmos connection and is very much present in the current state of the world. ‘Do You’ unpacks the recent political climate and the complicit nature of silence and the long and painful history of marginalized peoples. ‘Somebody’ explores loneliness, a need for physical affection in the wake of heartbreak in the digital age. ‘NOVA’ discusses alcoholism and the need for escape. ‘East Coast’ examines the history of the world from the view of women, and watches civilization make the same mistakes again and again. “Revolving” unravels the affects of mass media production and absorption.”

Pressing Information

Devotion First Press: 
100 - Transparent Purple 
Unlimited - Pink Cassette 
Unlimited - CD

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